So what has the Kansas Muzzleloading Association been doing for its members and the community? 
Read about some of our activities on the links below:

Hunter's Ed Academy Presentation
KMA Service Project At Glen Elder State Park
07 KMA State Championship Muzzleloading Shotgun Shoot
Thank You To Geary County Fish And Game Association
Bluestem's Wildlife and Conservation Days at Emporia, Kansas

Feb. 17, 2009 Gary Groh and Susan Morton spent the afternoon
at Spring Valley Elementary in Junction City with the Sons of the American Revolution
discussing wartime, culture, and accourtrements of the time.

March 19, 2011 Mike Adams and Doug Nulik taught Muzzleloading to a
local Rogers Rangers group at Lake Afton Shooting Range

Saturday April 2 Mike Adams, Steve Ewing, Cathy & Randy Hittle, and Mike
Mason manned the KMA table at the Hunting and Fishing Expo in Emporia.
See them in action HERE

April 29, Talking-Bear (a.k.a. Gordon Welch) gave fur trapping talks and demonstrations
at Oatville Elementary School in Wichita, Kansas, as part of their Pioneers Day event.

Mission Days at St. Paul
Mike & Belinda Adams, Larry Ent, Tracy & Laura Erbe spent May 28th talking
about the Mountain Man era with guests and community of St. Paul. This was
their 28th celebration and we were delighted to be a part of it.

Sept. 9-10 Blue Stem hosted their outdoorsman show again. KMA was there both days.
Cathy Hittle, Sue & Dee Morton, Steve Ewing, Phil Mott helped man the table and share
the benefits of KMA membership and talk about our annual convention to be held in Topeka at the Ramada in February.

Sept. 17 National Wild Turkey Federation had a campout and learning weekend
at Camp Alexander east of Emporia for the Jakes.
Jakes are the youth chapter of NWTF. Mike "Blue Hawk" Adams and the Mortons
shared primitive camping and living skills. It was a great time with youth and parents!

Sept. 23-24 1st. Santa Fe Trail Plainsmen help with LeCompton's yearly 'Territorial Days'
celebration. 800+ children viewed the camp and participated in Mountain Man skills on Friday.
Several KMA members could be seen helping make this event a success.
For more information on who was there or how to assist next year contact Cathy Hittle.

Mike Geiman got to help with the Muzzle Loading portion of Chisholm Trail Clubs Women On Target.
We had 50 ladies and plenty of club members to help and had a great time.

Admire celebrated it's 125 anniversary on Oct 8th. The community in has expressed it's thanks
to all the KMA members that turned out to help the town celebrate.
The KMA can be proud of these members they helped turn a good day
into a very special day for the folks that were able to interact with the past.
Those attending: Cathy Hittle, Nan and Nan's covered wagon, Steve Ewing, Phil Mott,
Tim Wiggins, Blue, Tammy Steiner and Ken Steiner, Randy Hittle, Pat Donahue, Gary Keltner,
Charlie Dugan, Jami Mott, and Tharon Mott

  Mike & Belinda Adams, Paul and Beth Strong, Randy Hittle, and Rhonda Tomlinson attended 4-H Instructor Training March 23-25.
Mike, Beth, and paul taught Muzzleloading while Belinda taught Hunting Skills. KMA is a great believer
in supporting organizations that encourage youth to experience Muzzleloading and to get involved in Outdoor Experiences.
We applaud our members for being involved

Mission Days at St. Paul, Kansas: May 26, 2012 Blue Hawk & Belinda, Mike
Mason, Tracy & Laura Erbe all marched in the parade and had a camp display
about the Civil War. Camp life, drilling skills, and muzzleloading
opportunities with KMA were shared.

Americus Days at Americus June 9, 2012: 17 KMA members set up camp in the
park. Guests could throw a Tomahawk, view Beaver stew and bbq cooking,play
kids games, get their photos taken, or just visit. Titled the "Marauder
Camp" in honor of Capt' Allen the group won best group in the parade!

On April 20-22, 2012 Larry Ent and Jan Mikrut helped staff the 19th Annual
Boy Scout Rendezvous near Diamond, MO. There were over 700 scouts and
leaders in attendance this year. Larry Ent will be the Booshway for the
20th Boy Scout Rendezvous in April of 2013.

June 2012: Blue Hawk was the coach for the Kansas 4-H Muzzleloading Team and Belinda Adams
coached the 4-H Hunting Skills Team at the National 4-H Shooting Sports Invitational competition
in Grand Island, Nebraska. Muzzleloading Team took 6th and Hunting Skills Team took 3rd!

September 2012 KMA shared Muzzleloading Opportunities in Kansas
at Bluestemís Wildlife & Outdoor Expo in Emporia

April 20, 2013 Larry Ent as Booshway helped Boy Scouts in Kansas and Missouri
have a bang up time at 20th Annual Rendezvous near Diamond, Mo.

May 25, 2013 Blue Hawk & Belinda, Tracy & Laura Erbe, Mike Mason, and Larry Ent presented
the Life of a Buffalo Hunter and shared the joys of Muzzleloading with patrons at St. Paulís Mission Days festival.

June 7th 2013 Americus Days found a good group of KMA members shared outdoor living skills
and the joys of being a part of KMA. Tammy and Ken Steiner were the Booshways.

June 2013 Blue Hawk co-coaches the Kansas 4-H Muzzleloading Team
at the National 4-H Shooting Sports Invitational competition in Grand Island, Nebraska

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