Hunter's Ed Academy Presentation

   The Kansas Muzzleloading Association was invited to attend and present its mission statement at the Annual Hunter’s Education Academy of Instructors, held this year that Rock Springs Ranch, near Junction City on March 3rd. Present was Cathy Hittle, secretary, Randy Hittle, director at large, Mike Bowen, District 3 representative, Jim Sylvester, district representative at large and Susan Morton. Approximately 300 Hunter’s Education instructors were present to confirm their accreditation for licensing, gain new teach materials and compete in air rifle and laser activities. A table was graciously donated by the Academy to the KMA and a display of antique firearms, hides, photographs and a cannon was arranged. Throughout the day, many new and interesting contacts were made by the KMA, including but not limited to representatives of the Hunters Education team, the Kansas State Rifle Association, the Kansas State Department of Parks and Wildlife and the NRA. The Board was also approached about assembling a team to create an outreach of the HE and the KMA in the form of an advanced muzzleloading class, which many individuals are very excited about pursuing. Many new membership applications were accepted. After a day of both laughter and ground breaking planning, the members were treated to a buffalo banquet and Susan addressed the instructors at the closing general assembly. All in all, it was a highly informative and enjoyable way to spend the day and get the name of our organization out in the public. A huge thanks goes out to Mr. Ed Augustine for making it all possible and to Mr. Tim Wright for hosting our members. We look forward to working with these fine men again in the future. Anyone interested in information or with joining the committee for further planning on Advanced Muzzleloading techniques, please contact Susan Morton at or contact her by phone (785)-263-9859.

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