2007 KMA Champion Shotgun Shoot

by Belinda Adams

   What do blue jeans, buckskins, smoke, sunshine, and great elk meatloaf have in common? The KMA State Championship Muzzleloading Shotgun Shoot, Saturday June 16th, hosted by the Geary Co. Fish & Game Association. Sixteen shooters came to try their skill and 12 shooters took home medals and powder. Susan Morton, KMA Pres. and Shirley Allen, GCFG Treas. registered everyone before Ed Augustine welcomed the shooters with a short safety/pep talk before the flights began. The sun was warm with a slight breeze and the nine range masters knew their business. 25 shots off the Wobble Trap and 25 shots of five stand sporting clays teased the 4 flights of shooters. Dennis Burk, Dee Morton, John Risewick, and Dale Smith chose single barrel guns, while Dave Weaver, Jim Forsyth, Rick Lewis, Doug Nulik, Gary Groh, Jake Ewing, Steve Ewing, Mike Lorette, Jim Sylvester, Blue Hawk,Kay Risewick, and Michelle Boone put their double barrels to the test. Hunter Morton and a couple others kept the Laser shooting box busy inside while the muzzleloaders boomed outside. Amidst laughter and “aw shucks” it was a fast shoot with time enough for a Special Challenge Match arranged by ‘Easy Ed' Augustine. Shirley & Gordon Allen were cooking our evening meal when Ed asked Shirley the Association's Treasurer if she would shoot against some of the muzzleloader folks since the shoot was finished and supper wasn't. “Sure thing, but could we use modern shot-guns, because supper will be done soon?”“Well, heck Ma'am of course, we don't want to put you to any trouble . . .” They only did 25 shots and Geary Co. provided the modern shotguns for Blue Hawk, Jake Ewing, John Risewick, and Dee Morton. Blue Hawk swears she was the ringer thrown in the match. Jake Ewing was the only shooter to get close on this “Special Challenge Match” and he skunked the men in the regular shoot too. Easy Ed and Susan Morton presented winning medals to Women: 1st. Michelle Boone, 2nd Kay Risewick; Men: 1st. Jake Ewing, 2nd. Dale Smith, and 3rd. Rick Lewis. Powder was awarded to those with longest strings, lucky number, and high score. Easy Ed presented Susan Morton (KMA president) with a fine new shooters bag, color- florescent orange. She'll be easy to spot on the next woods walk. Promptly at 4:00 Shirley and Gordon Allen served up elk meatloaf, mashed tators, gravy, salad, pie, watermelon and drinks. Waugh! a meal fit for kings! Gordon even fixed lunch for everyone. Geary Co Fish & Game Association sure treat the shotgun shooters, KMA members and non-members alike, to a great day !

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